Panel Leader Development Network - panel data subscription

Retain access to your panel data Descriptive Panel Leadership courses for a full-year (regularly 6 months) PLUS get access to our Panel Leader Development Network. Join us live for quarterly webinars/discussions, and view recordings of previous webinars you miss (even those recorded before you subscribed)! This add-on plan is renewable annually, and you retain access to both the Descriptive Panel Leadership courses and the Panel Leader Development Network webinars and recordings for as long as you have a subscription!
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A Great Addition to your Descriptive Panel Leadership Bundle

 Not only will you extend your access to the 9 courses in this bundle by 6 months, you gain exclusive access to our Panel Leader Development Network webinars.
Each of these quarterly webinars feature discussions topics you will face as a panel leader. Listen as our experts talk about these topics, then ask questions - about that or any other topic! This is a great opportunity to learn from one of Sensory Spectrum's expert panel leaders and to network with your peers!

Quarterly Live Webinars

Learn from Panel Leading Experts

Opportunity to Network

Meet your peers and discuss common pain points or celebrate victories.

Extended Access

Retain access to your courses for an additional 6 months - and extend that access each year you renew your subscription.