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Descriptive Panel Leadership (on-demand) Panel Development Resources

For working Panel Leaders: Want to improve your skills in and out of the panel room, but don't have time or budget to take our in-person course? These on-demand modules focus on the skills and resources you need to establish a new panel, or start work on a new panel category or product. This bundle includes 7 of the 9 modules you would receive in our all-inclusive bundle.

What's Included

Sensory Evaluation Review

A review of sensory evaluation’s role in industry, and how objective testing, specifically descriptive analysis, is used to support business objectives.

Test Controls: Factors Affecting Sensory Verdicts

Test controls are factors that influence sensory verdicts.  Identifying and understanding the details that affect testing are critically important to your role as a panel leader.  In this module, we will discuss the importance of test controls in collecting accurate and reproducible data.
NOTE: The content of this course is similar to our course Best Practices for Product Evaluation but geared specifically toward panel leaders. We recommend completing one or the other but not both.

Dealing with Difficult Dynamics

Managing your group’s dynamics is an essential skill for panel leaders. This on-demand module provides information for you to reflect on as you consider interactions with your panel.

Forming a Panel

Are you looking to build a descriptive analysis panel?  In this on-demand module, we'll look at some things to consider when deciding whether or not you need an internal panel and discuss some of the considerations needed when choosing your panelists.


In this module, we will discuss scaling: the quantitative component of descriptive analysis. Not all descriptive panels utilize the same type of scale. While scales may differ, the desired result of any descriptive panel is to provide actionable and reproducible data to guide our recommendations.

Lexicon Development

In this module, we will discuss the qualitative characteristics of products. In descriptive analysis, this list of terms is called a lexicon. Identifying the words to describe your products can be an overwhelming task. However, when done methodically, it provides a deep understanding of the product category and produces a powerful tool for your team.

Protocol Development

Evaluation protocols are the procedural directions that precisely describe how to execute a panel or sensory test. In this module, we will discuss how protocols can make evaluations more efficient and consistent as you collect sensory data. We will also look at considerations for developing protocols for product categories unfamiliar to your panel.