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Seasonal Sensory Sentiments

with Lee Stapleton

Spring Cleaning

Join Lee Stapleton and guest co-host Diana Greenberg for this pre-recorded webinar focused on a scent-filled exploration of Clean. Along with discussion of common aroma signals for clean, industry experiences, cultural observation, and historical trends, Lee and Diana smell Method Eucalyptus & Mint Foaming Tub & Tile Cleaner, Gain Moonlight Breeze Fireworks Scent Booster, Clorox Lemon Verbena Multi-Purpose Paper Towel Wipes, and Febreze Air Linen & Sky.

Purchase any or all these products if you want to smell along.
Meet Our Host

Lee Stapleton

With Sensory Spectrum since 1998, Lee utilizes her 25+ years of sensory science experience as a senior trainer for descriptive analysis & quality, a product focused creative facilitator, a strategic consultant, and an expert evaluator across a wide range of products and ingredients consumers eat, drink, smell, apply, use, and wear. Lee trained as a Food Scientist at Clemson University and N.C. State. She is Chair Elect for ASTM’s Sensory Evaluation Committee E-18 and a member of the Society of Sensory Professionals (SSP) and the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT). Lee has appeared on television, in print, and online on the topic of sensory evaluation, has presented at numerous conferences, and has authored or edited multiple book chapters in the field of sensory science.

Diana Greenberg

Diana Mobilio-Greenberg is a Senior Project Manager at Sensory Spectrum in the New Jersey office. Over the past 12 years, Diana has worked with many product categories at several CPG companies.  Her experience is with Consumer & Sensory testing with cosmetics, home care, laundry care, pet care, fragrance, flavors, vitamins and oral care.  She is excited to join Lee in her first ever Seasonal Sensory Sentiments.