Tasting Chocolate with Gail Vance Civille

Everyone loves the taste of chocolate, but have you ever wondered why different chocolate varieties taste so different? In this webinar you will taste chocolate along with a sensory expert. You will learn about the ingredient differences among dark, milk and white chocolate varieties and will be introduced to vocabulary that will allow you to describe the different flavor and texture characteristics of each type.

This webinar has been designed to be accessible to anyone, regardless of past sensory experience; however, sensory professionals will learn to build a chocolate lexicon and have an opportunity to practice recognizing and describing flavors and textures in food.

To taste along with this webinar, you will need the following samples (not provided):

  • Lindt Excellence 70% dark chocolate
  • Lindt Classic Recipe milk chocolate
  • Lindt Classic Recipe white chocolate

We selected Lindt for this taste-along primarily because it is typically available anywhere in the world. However, if you can't find these exact varieties, any dark, milk and white chocolate will do. It is best to use plain chocolate that has no flavors or inclusions added. Examples of inclusions are pieces of nuts, fruit, nougat, hard candy, or caramel.
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Gail Vance Civille

Owner, Sensory Spectrum, Inc.

Gail Vance Civille has been a pioneer in advanced sensory evaluation for industry, academia and the government for the past 40 years. As an expert in the evaluation of sensory properties, Ms. Civille has worked with thousands of food and personal care products using sophisticated consumer and descriptive techniques. Ms. Civille has had countless opportunities to support claims during development and to successfully defend them during legal challenges.