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Tasting Rosé with Gail Vance Civille

Join our host Gail Vance Civille in a prerecorded webinar. Gail will give a brief history of rosé and discuss how it is made, then lead you through the sensory experiences as you taste two previously selected rosés. Finally, Gail will aid you in comparing the two rosés.

To enjoy these experiences along with Gail, you'll need to purchase the following two wines:

  • Jolie Pitt & Perrin - Miraval Rosé Cotes de Provence 2018, and
  • Whispering Angel - Rose Cote De Provence, Caves D'Esclans 2019 (not provided).

This course is about the sensory experiences associated with tasting rosé, and are not an endorsement of any product.

Gail Vance Civille

Gail Vance Civille has been a pioneer in advanced sensory evaluation for industry, academia and the government for the past 40 years. As an expert in the evaluation of sensory properties, Ms. Civille has worked with thousands of food and personal care products using sophisticated consumer and descriptive techniques. Ms. Civille has had countless opportunities to support claims during development and to successfully defend them during legal challenges.